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The Top 10 Areas Commonly Checked by Your Home Inspector

home inspectionsBelow is a list of common areas that are missed by a home inspector during a home inspection. This list is intended to inform homeowners about the need to have these areas checked for possible problems, as well as the need for upgrades or repairs, if any.

  • Smoke detectors sometimes are missed during the inspection process.
  • Electrical fixtures and wirings, which are often embedded in between double walls or embedded in concrete.
  • Backflow prevention devices should also be carefully considered, since this helps prevent any untoward flooding in the event of plumbing and waterline leakage.
  • Basement bathrooms and laundry tubs are sometimes also missed in the process because not all homes have these areas and fixtures in their basements.
  • Venting for the dryer should also be considered.
  • Electrical grounding is very important. Improper grounding could cause major problems from accidental electric shocks and could also cause house fires.
  • Flexible gas connectors, valves and uncapped gas lines, should be of paramount concern since the slightest indications of gas leakages can be tragic and disastrous.
  • Indoor furnaces should also be checked. If not functioning properly problems could range from gas leakage to defective firing systems that could also cause a house fire.
  • Water heaters need to be checked to make sure that they are installed properly. Pressure release valves must be in proper working order along with the important copper run-off device that should always be checked.
  • Garage door openers or extension cord wiring being used as permanent wiring for fixtures.

These are the top 10 commonly checked areas by your Home Inspector for your home safety, security and peace of mind.