Easy DIY Paint Repairs for Your Home

Easy DIY Paint Repairs

Paint is considered to be the clothes of your house.  Although paint problems may look ugly and major, you can actually be saved from the obligation of calling a professional painter and spending huge amounts of money.  You, yourself, can be your very own Picasso when it comes to painting retouches in your home.

Break Down
All kinds of paint, whatever brand it may be, will only last for a specified number of years before the break-down process begins to show. When you experience paint break down, it basically means that the first or primary layer on the surface is weakening.  This problem is commonly experienced in old houses that have several paint layers.  When the break down process begins, paint will start cracking and peeling from your wall or your wood surface exposing the wood or drywall.

To fix this, try scraping or pressure washing the surface.  After that, fill in any holes using putty if it is wood or spackle if it is a wall surface.  After filling in, get sand paper and fine sand the surface.  Then, wipe away the dust and let it completely dry.  If pressure washing the exterior of your house or if it rains you will need to wait 24 hours for the surface to completely dry. Once it is dry, you can start painting.

Moisture Build-Up
Another cause of paint break down is due to moisture build-up, leak or excessive condensation.  Most probably, you can find mildew and mold along with this problem.  This kind of problem is often experienced in the bathroom.  However, it can also occur in other parts of the house because of leaky roofs and close outdoor shrubs.  Your paint can sag down due to the moisture.  But in this case, you won’t see any chipping debris.

If moisture build-up is the cause of paint breakdown, there is another remedy for that.  You will most likely be targeting mildew.  If it is an interior surface, a solution consisting of three parts water and one part bleach can be used to kill the mildew.  If it is an exterior surface, you can wash it off using an exterior solution intended for pressure washers.  Both of these can be bought at your local home improvement store.  If you don’t have a pressure washer, they usually can be rented at the big box home improvement store.

Fading Color
The last paint break-down problem is fading color. This is usually experienced with surfaces on the exterior of the house. However, it can also occur indoors when specific colors were used for the walls. Basically, paint color fades when exposed to too much sun.  To avoid this kind of problem, most people try not to use bright and bold colors such as deep red.  If you have an affinity for deep colors, try to look for hues that have a ruddy or golden tone to them. You can try consulting a paint associate about this. Try to find out how much red oxide or yellow oxide colorant was mixed for the specific color that you want. Basically, if the paint associate says that each colorant has about 1 ounce or so in the tint base to create the color, then you have spotted a color that can resist fading for a very long period of time.